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DarkMenthol Aroma

DarkMenthol Aroma
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Labelling under CLP-Regulation:
Further information
  • Enthält (R)-p-Mentha-1,8-dien. Kann allergische Reaktionen hervorrufen.
  • Causes serious eye irritation.
  • Flüssigkeit und Dampf entzündbar.
  • May cause an allergic skin reaction.
  • Verursacht Hautreizungen
  • Kann bei Verschlucken und Eindringen in die Atemwege tödlich sein.
Contents of shipment: 10ml: 60ml bottle with contents; 10ml aroma (long-fill) 100ml:... more

Contents of shipment:

10ml: 60ml bottle with contents; 10ml aroma (long-fill)

100ml: 100ml aroma, 1L brown glass bottle (empty) for mixing, 30ml PET-bottle (empty) for traveling.

All prices include 0.16€/ml – tax for tobacco Substitute.

Dark Menthol

 With Dark Menthol Tom Klark developed a liquid that opens unknown dimensions. It is far more than just tasty and well-rounded. He offers an entirely new character of the liquid, because it is designed for both menthol-lovers and skeptics alike.

The special feature that makes it different, is that you can regulate the intensity and strength of the menthol yourself. You choose exactly which flavor level you wish to vape in the long run.

At higher temperatures, the menthol slowly mellows, allowing further nuances to emerge. They are mysterious and robust, and yet familiar and subtle.

Low temperatures, on the other hand, intensifies the menthol and provides the coolness it needs to unfold.

The flavor cannot be compared in the slightest with conventional menthol liquids! No typical “ice bonbon” taste at all! Dark Menthol does not leave any taste of chemical or crystalline aftertaste.

The liquid is fresh and dark at the same time, reminiscent of forests, ferns, and plants in the rainforest. You can practically taste the fresh dew on the leaves, enjoying a pure taste Sensation.

Mixing ratio 1:5
For 60ml: 10ml aroma with 50ml base/ nicotine shots fill up
For 600ml: 100ml aroma with 500ml base/ nicotine shots fill up
1x 10ml (18mg) neutral nicotine shot + 40ml neutral base: 3mg liquid
2x 10ml (18mg) neutral nicotine shot + 30ml neutral base: 6mg liquid
3x 10ml (18mg) neutral nicotine shot + 20ml neutral base: 9mg liquid
4x 10ml (18mg) neutral nicotine shot + 10ml neutral base: 12mg liquid

Never vape aromas pure!

The base

In contrast to ready-made liquid, aromas allow you to experiment extensively with the base and nicotine and therefore customize each liquid individually and perfectly for yourself.

Bases can taste quite different and as the largest component of any liquid, they greatly influence the taste. It is therefore recommended to try various bases with the same aroma to find the best combination for you. It is a good idea to do a short vape test with pure base (without nicotine) to determine how sweet or dry it is.

In case a liquid is too strong or intense, there is always the possibility to slightly increase the base content in relation to the flavor. Caution; only adjust in small increments!

Recommended ratio of the base: 30/70 (PG/VG)

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