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#03 Lemon-Cherry Aroma

#03 Lemon-Cherry Aroma
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Labelling under CLP-Regulation:
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  • Enthält (R)-p-Mentha-1,8-dien. Kann allergische Reaktionen hervorrufen.
  • Flüssigkeit und Dampf leicht entzündbar.
  • Causes serious eye irritation.
Contents of shipment: 10ml: 60ml bottle with contents; 10ml aroma (long-fill) 100ml:... more

Contents of shipment:

10ml: 60ml bottle with contents; 10ml aroma (long-fill)

100ml: 100ml aroma

All prices include 0.16€/ml – tax for tobacco Substitute.

Additionally, if a 1L brown glass bottle (empty) is needed for mixing, please order separately:


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All prices include 0.16€/ml – tax for tobacco Substitute.

There is hardly a fruit more beneficial and versatile than the lemon. It is indeed a wonder cure for our health and great source of vitamin C. Furthermore, its scent stimulates the production of happiness-messenger serotonin, which helps to fight off depression and anxiety.
The character of the rather unusual lemon-cherry combination is both tart and yet pleasantly smooth. Gently zested peel from ripe Italian lemons and the resulting extract constitutes the core flavor of this aroma. The special aspect of the traditional production method is the gentle handling of the fruit, preserving the beneficial lemon extracts. As a result, this aroma has a rich and authentic character that is as unmistakably fresh and energizing as the fruit itself. To mellow the lemon’s acidity, a dash of cherry has been added to the aroma, perfectly complementing the lemon with its light sweetness.

My tip for #03 Lemon-Cherry
Here I also recommend a sweeter base with mixing ratio 30/70 (PG/VG). This allows the lemon to develop its full flavor, without becoming too intrusive. This aroma can be enjoyed best in DL, as well as MTL, devices.

The base
In contrast to ready-made liquid, aromas allow you to experiment extensively with the base and nicotine and therefore customize each liquid individually and perfectly for yourself.

Bases can taste quite different and as the largest component of any liquid, they greatly influence the taste. It is therefore recommended to try various bases with the same aroma to find the best combination for you. It is a good idea to do a short vape test with pure base (without nicotine) to determine how sweet or dry it is.

In case a liquid is too strong or intense, there is always the possibility to slightly increase the base content in relation to the flavor. Caution; only adjust in small increments!
Recommended ratio of the base: 30/70 (PG/VG)

Mixing ratio 1:5
For 60ml: 10ml aroma with 50ml base/ nicotine shots fill up
For 600ml: 100ml aroma with 500ml base/ nicotine shots fill up
1x 10ml (18mg) neutral nicotine shot + 40ml neutral base: 3mg liquid
2x 10ml (18mg) neutral nicotine shot + 30ml neutral base: 6mg liquid
3x 10ml (18mg) neutral nicotine shot + 20ml neutral base: 9mg liquid
4x 10ml (18mg) neutral nicotine shot + 10ml neutral base: 12mg liquid

Never vape aromas pure!

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Customer evaluation for "#03 Lemon-Cherry Aroma"
6 Jun 2023

Perfekt für den Sommer

Bestes Zitronenliquid was ich je gedampft habe. Zitrone ist eindeutig in Vordergrund, die Kirsche ist sehr leicht im Hintergrund zu erahnen. Für die warmen Tage hat es einen erfrischenden Effekt.

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