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The more time I spend on my research, the more I come to realize that there is still so much to discover in the fascinating world of flavors. My work is always leading me in new directions. A further challenge for me was exploring individual flavors in greater depth and discovering what effects each has on our body and mind. For this purpose, I have extensively studied a variety of different flavors. While working with these basic building blocks, I made an interesting discovery:

My body experienced a wide range of surprising reactions when vaping different flavor groups.


Over the months of testing, I observed the same phenomenon over and over – as well as the pure taste experience, each flavor I tested had an additional effect on me.

Our needs change according to the seasons. So in the summer we turn towards fresh and fruity aromas, while in the winter we crave aromas that are hearty and warming. And vaping these aromas can produce many different sensations in us.

This effect led to my experiencing an added level of pleasure. The connections sparked by these reactions have their origins in our psychology and our biological make-up.


With global trade, it’s now possible to enjoy a vast range of fruit and other produce the whole year through. In nature, however, each fruit tree has its own time for bearing blossom and fruit, which is determined by the seasons – above all in countries which experience cold winters.

We, too, are subject to these same rhythms. And just as we prefer fruit and fresh tastes on hot summer days, so we crave warm, hearty nourishment in the cold wintertime.

Throughout the thousands of years of human development, we have adapted to the cycles of nature, and learned to preserve food for the times of the year when there is little to harvest, and so lengthen its shelf-life. A classic method of preserving food has always been to add sugar and alcohol.

For the second series of natural aromas, my work has focused intensively on this theme, and I have created aromas to give a feeling of tranquility, well-being and warmth. I have made use of elements featured in nature in the wintertime, and decided to develop three natural aromas with an ‘alcohol core’.

Attaining the taste effects of alcohol was particularly challenging. I have achieved this by finely balancing the aroma combinations. The aroma vaping process naturally does not produce any alcoholization.

Inspired by Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, I have aimed to recreate the natural progression of the seasons in pleasurable experiences and tastes.

“Flavors are far more than just taste. They are capable of awakening unknown emotions and effects within us. And it is this exciting phenomenon my research is dedicated to.”


Natural flavors do not have overly intense flavor nuances, making them relatively mild and puristic. This way, they most authentically reflect the taste of their natural counterparts. They are obtained through extraction or distillation of a large number of complex and rare natural substances that come from the most remote corners of the world.

As their production is both extremely time-consuming and costly, natural flavors are usually only processed in small quantities. Their taste can vary, depending on the season, harvest time and climate. This limits each batch of a natural flavor.

For 60ml: Add 50ml base to 10ml aroma
For 600ml: Add 500ml base to 100ml aroma

Never vape undiluted aroma!

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